Make a Wish

Isagenix is on a mission to change the planet for the better through helping people to regain their health, take control of their lives and improve their performance, only then are we truly in a position to serve others. When asked why Isagenix had chosen to partner with Make A Wish, the answer was simple; because they are global and can serve the countries in which we operate and most importantly because the Make A Wish foundation gives terminally ill kids who may have lost sight of even having a future; the ability to dream again and look forward in life. Isagenix is now the second largest donor approaching a total giving of $10 Million

The combined goal is to save one life at a time through returning hope to those who may have lost it, maybe one of them will even be the future president.

Isagenix compassion does not stop here, in addition to this after the hurricanes last year and the devastation leaving many families displaced and without homes Isagenix donated in excess of $4 Million towards the disaster relief efforts. You can know for sure, as well as regaining your own health so you may serve those you know and love, by using these products you are positively affecting the lives of many.