Thank you for giving us this opportunity to share our culture with you, we totally understand that you want the best for yourself and for your clients and truly believe we have solutions that will serve you, your team and community in a positive, healthy and balanced way.

No doubt you are currently aware of a host of health products ranging from protein shakes, to vitamin supplements and healthy eating recipes to nourish the body, please allow us just a few minutes to share some facts that set Iagenix apart and show why we believe ours is the finest nutrition.

Our Whey protein is extracted from the finest milk on the planet, using Ultra filtration techniques, ensuring the protein is not damaged or denatured during the pasteurisation process. As you already know; any chemicals absorbed by the animal, in this case the cow, can be passed on to humans through their milk. Due to modern farming techniques focused on maximising productivity many farmers treat their animals to a variety of growth hormones such as recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) , grasses have been treated with herbicides and crops used in animal cake treated with pesticides, all of which has the potential to end up in the animals milk and then passed on to us. Isagenix scoured the globe searching for responsible farmers who let their cows graze naturally on luscious grass in New Zealand, do not inject their animals with growth hormones and only milk during the appropriate season refusing to routinely use man made antibiotics and who offer responsible animal care.

We recognise that it is not possible to combine all the body needs into a single product like a protein shake, we build complete nutrition systems designed to shower the body with everything it needs for optimal performance, this includes adaptogens derived from the research of former Soviet Union scientists who studied many herbs and plants in hopes to provide a natural means of improving strength, energy, and stamina in soldiers, as well as athletes and cosmonauts. Further research found that Adaptogens work by normalizing the body’s functions under stress and taking them daily improves mental and physical performance while reducing fatigue.

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Mary Evans is a personal trainer who tried Isagenix to prove a point, yet ended up using our systems herself and recommending them to her clients, supplementing her income and enhancing the lives and results for her valued clients.

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