Athletes: The Best Muscle Food for your body

Whether you are an athlete, body builder or just someone wanting to tone up your body and build lean muscle tissue, the key is the food you fuel your body with to promote muscle growth. This should be a balance of proteins, carbohydrates (Carbs), Healthy Fats and Natural Sugars (Fructose) in addition to a number of vitamins, minerals and nutrients including trace elements.


What is the perfect muscle food?

In reality our body requires a wide range of nutrition for optimal performance. Many people focus on calories and the number burned vs the number consumed. Whilst this is important when considering the best muscle food, Isagenix believes the most significant consideration is the nutritional density of the calorie you are consuming and aims to provide superior muscle food making each calorie effective in supplying as many nutrients the body requires in as few calories as possible.

The Energy Performance System is not simply a protein shake but a system developed through extensive research and extracted from the finest ingredients on the planet. Isagenix operates a no compromise on quality policy, our Whey Protein is filtered and not heated from Dairy cows in New Zealand where the grass has never been treated with herbicides and the animals not treated with antibiotics so these chemicals cannot enter your system unlike with other manufacturers.


The reason this Whey Protein makes such a good muscle food is that cold filtration and refusing to super heat and only flash pasteurising the Milk means that the protein remains in its natural state called undenatured whey protein. Once heated through pasteurisation protein is damaged and denatured making it a less effective muscle food and fuel for your lean muscle growth. Undenatured Whey Protein is also a rich source of Branch Chain Amino Acids. If you are ready to take your training and performance to the next level you must take your nutrition to the next level. Read more about our Energy and Performance system:

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